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Faith in God's love and overruling providence lightens the burdens of anxiety and care. - OFC 293

"LifeStyle 74"

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The beautiful sounds of Spring 2019 on "LifeStyle 74"

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LifeStyle 74 is essentially commercial free.
Listener supported.  Help us ignite hope!

LifeStyle 74 - DAB+ programme produced in Switzerland
RADIO 74 - FM programme produced in France

Weather Forecast

Thursday, March 21st First Full Day of Spring

LifeStyle 74 weather…

Sunny today! Max Temp 14 on the Plateau, 17 in Valais. +5 at 2000 meters elevation. Winds in the mountains, moderate Easterly. Light Bise winds on the Plateau, moderate yet this morning around Lake Leman.

Tomorrow Friday and Saturday
Sunny and Mild. Maybe some morning stratus on the Plateau at dawn. Max Temps: 16 on the Plateau. Up to 19 in Valais

Quite Sunny. But some passing clouds at times. Max Temp 15 on the Plain.

Partly Sunny in most areas. Quite sunny on the Plateau and in Valais. Cooler in the Mountains. Max Temps 13 to 16 C.

Outook for Tuesday and Wednesday
Sunny spring days !

That’s LifeStyle 74 weather in English on Thursday, March 21st.

Yes, our name has changed. But this radio service remains listener funded.

Pressure is intensifying again with important bills due totaling some 40,000 CHF. Your donation for March is much needed and appreciated now.

You’ll find complete information and donate on line at our website www.radio74.org

Or ring the radio station in Switzerland on 022 501 78 65 and request a BV.

In France, donate on line or mail a check. Ring LifeStyle 74 on 045 043 74 74.


New Programs on “LifeStyle 74”

Ravi Zacharias, distinguished Christian apologist, “Just Thinking” 17:30 Monday - Friday, and “Let My People Think” Saturday 13:30.

Jim Burr,
telescope inventor and builder, “The Heavens Declare” Thursday 18:30, Saturday, 01:00 & 07:00, Sunday 09:10 and 18:10

Dr. James Marcum, physician, specialized in disease prevention, “Heartwise” Saturday 13:00 and Sunday 07:30

Jean & Shawn Boonstra, radio personalities, “Disclosure”, Sunday 0800


Welcome to the new "LifeStyle 74"

Zest for life, health, happiness, joy, peace, love, truth, new ideas, beautiful music... all that life should and can be 24 hours a day,
LifeStyle 74... unique in every way!

The 7 in our name focuses on NEW STAR, the 7 basic health principles:
Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air and Rest.

The 4 refers to balancing of the Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual dimensions of humankind and our relationship with the Creator God.

LifeStyle 74... helping you live life to the fullest!



Our DAB+ transmission fees were due on Feb 6th.  At latest tally, we still needed 6'400 CHF.

We risk permanently losing our privilege of broadcasting in Switzerland for paying late.

LifeStyle 74 is a listener sponsored radio station, dependent on donations from you our listeners.   The deadline to pay our DAB+ transmission fees for the months of January, February and March was February 6th.  So this is really urgent.

You can donate through the Paypal system at the left of our home page using a major credit card.

Or make a bank transfer using our IBAN numbers. At the top of the home page click on Financial Support.

Then at the left, depending on where you live, click on Donations in Switzerland or Donations in France.   There you’ll find the appropriate IBAN number and Swift Code.

Please note that all donations in Switzerland are sent to the Home and Family Life association.

We humbly thank you for your generous support.

Note: 2nd quarter Swiss DAB+ transmission fees for 16'500 CHF will be due on April 4th.

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