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Weather Forecast - Friday, Dec 14th

Cloudy this morning, becoming sunny today. Max Temp 2 C. -8 at 2000 meters. Weak W winds in the mountains.

Tomorrow Saturday
Stratus clouds on the Plateau up to near 900 meters, not likely to dissipate much if at all. Sunny at first above and in other areas. Clouds progressively arriving from the West. Max Temp. 1 C.

Mostly Cloudy with intermittent precipitation. Some snow on the plain in the morning, especially in Valais. The snow line rising to near 1300 meters. 5 C.

Variable weather. Some showers. The snow line lowering to near 800 meters. Max temp 5 C.

Stratus on the Plateau, the upper limit near 1000 meters. Quite sunny elsewhere. Max Temps 3 to 5 C.

Variable weather. Some rain. Snow above 1500 meters lowering to 1200 meters Thursday.

The outlook for Christmas week : variable, sometimes windy weather. Some showers at times, but no snow on the plain. Temperatures a little above average for the season.


New About France - Friday, Dec 14th

Strasbourg shooting suspect shot dead by police

  • The Telegraph Henry Samuel, Strasbourg 13 December 2018 • 11:18pm

Police in Strasbourg have shot dead the gunman who went on the rampage in the eastern French city’s Christmas market on Tuesday night.

Christophe Castaner, the French interior minister, said Strasbourg-born Cherif Chekatt, 29, was killed in a gunfight in Neudorf, the same suburb where he was last seen on the evening he killed three people and wounded 12 others.

Sources close to the investigation said police had acted on a tip-off from a woman, who had crossed the suspect on Thursday afternoon and contacted the police after noticing he was wounded.

Speaking at the scene, Mr Castaner said a special ground unit of three police officers saw a man fitting the suspect's description walking down the road at 9 pm.

"They called to him and at that moment, he turned to face the officers and opened fire. So they immediately riposted and neutralized the assailant,” Castaner said.

"My thoughts are with the victims, the wounded, and their loved ones. I am thinking of the security forces who were deployed. I am proud of you," he added.

Roland Ries, the mayor of Strasbourg, said the neutralization was "good news" and would help the city return to "normal life”. Visited by two million every year, Strasbourg’s Christmas market will be open to the public once again on Friday after being shut since the attack.

The Islamic State's propaganda agency claimed the slain gunman was one of its “soldiers”, though experts said this was likely opportunistic.

More than 700 French security forces had been trying to trace Mr Chekatt since the bloodshed on Tuesday, when he is suspected of shooting and stabbing shoppers at the city's popular annual market.

The fugitive Strasbourg gunman had an Osama bin Laden poster in his prison cell a decade ago and said he shot victims at point-blank range to "avenge brothers in Syria" and to kill "infidels", French reports said on Thursday.

The police raid followed the declaration of French authorities that they would take Mr Chekatt dead or alive and brought to an end a massive manhunt in Strasbourg and the surrounding region, as well as across the nearby border with Germany.

The poster of Chekatt, who was wounded in an exchange of fire with security forces, included the warning: "Individual dangerous, above all do not intervene."

At least five of the victims of his Tuesday night killing spree remain in a serious condition.

The third fatality, Afghan national Kamal Naghchband, died from a gunshot wound to the head he sustained while holding his young son in his arms. The 45-year-old, who fled the Taliban for 15 years before obtaining asylum, had been in a coma since the shooting.

Witnesses told investigators that Chekatt had shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greater) as he opened fire on the Christmas market shortly before 8pm on Tuesday night.

Police Nationale Twitter account, a call for witnesses for Strasbourg-born Cherif Chekatt, 29, the day after a gun attack on a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. French Police Nationale/via ReutersFrench Police Nationale/via Reuters 

'Yellow vest' protester dies in southern France after being hit by truck

AFP This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @thelocalfrance 13 December 2018 

A "yellow vest" anti-government protester has died after being hit by a truck in southern France, a local prosecutor said on Thursday.

The incident happened during the night at a roundabout near a motorway exit in the city of Avignon.

"The driver of the truck has been taken into custody. The victim was 23-years-old," said the deputy prosecutor for Avignon, Caroline Armand, confirming a report on French television news channel LCI.

"It appears the driver is a Polish national," she added.

The latest death was the sixth during the nationwide road blockades and protests, all of which appear to have been accidents.


Gilet Jaune Act 5 is still scheduled for tomorrow Saturday in Paris and in many other parts of France.

The government has called for calm and responsibility, without imposing any special measures.

Other News in brief . . .

An opinion poll in Thursday’s Le Figaro suggests that Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally has profited most from the yellow vest crisis and will beat the ruling Republic on the Move party in next year’s European elections.

Le Pen’s rally is credited with 24 percent of voting intentions, against 18 percent for Emmanuel Macron’s marchers.

The mainstream right-wing Republicans come next with 11 percent, followed, in declining order, and all with less than ten percent, by the hard-left France Unbowed and the eco-friendly Green party. The struggling Socialists will, according to this poll at least, struggle to collect five percent of votes.

European leaders meet to consider their options

Business daily Les Echos says the other 27 nations in the European Union as currently constituted are now being held hostage by Great Britain because of the Brexit process which is getting beyond the control of anyone.

The 28 heads of state and government are meeting in Brussels, under the imposing shadow cast by the imminent departure of London.

But Les Echos says that’s only the melting tip of the iceberg. French President Emmanuel Macron has serious domestic concerns. Germany’s Angela Merkel is literally on the way out. Theresa May is hanging on by the seat of her trouser-suit. Belgium and Spain currently have minority governments and no safety net. Italy and Hungary are unlikely to compromise on the crucial question of immigration. And don't mention Latvia!

On Theresa May’s chances of getting her 27 fellow leaders to show sufficient flexibility to soften the hearts of, for example, the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, one Brussels diplomat offered what could well be the punch-line of a dodgy joke: “There’s no question of renegotiating the Brexit agreement,” he laconically observed, “but everything else is open to discussion.”   Theresa May probably didn’t find any humor in his comment.


European court rules EU diesel emissions limit too high

By RFI Issued on 13-12-2018 Modified 13-12-2018 to 18:13

The city councils of Paris, Madrid and Brussels were exultant on Thursday after a European court ruled an EU Commission's limit on NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions was "excessively high". The court upheld the case brought by the three cities, which stated the limit undermined their efforts to crack down on pollution.

The commission had raised the limit on road tests on light passenger and commercial vehicles for highly polluting NOx emissions to more than twice the level for laboratory tests.

The move was approved by the European parliament in 2015, just weeks after the Dieselgate scandal, in which Volkswagen was found to have cheated on emissions tests.

On Thursday, the court conceded that conditions while driving in the open air are different. But it found that the change made it impossible to know whether the Euro 6 standard, adopted in 2007, was being complied with during the tests.

It rejected the commission's claim that the city councils could not bring the case and ordered the decision to be annulled.

However, the commission may appeal and, even if that appeal is rejected, there will be a 12-month period in which a substitute law must be drawn up and approved, meaning that a final ruling may not be delivered until the end of 2020.


Ford accused of 'treachery' in France over factory closure in south west

AFP This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @thelocalfrance 13 December 2018

Around 850 jobs are on the line at the Blanquefort plant in the southwest of the country, which has turned out gear boxes for Ford since 1972.

The French government has been involved in negotiations to find a buyer and supported a bid from Franco-Belgian equipment manufacturer Punch Powerglide, based in the eastern city of Strasbourg.

But Ford said Thursday that it planned to reject a takeover offer, and would instead offer redundancies to the staff ahead of an end to production there in August 2019.

"I want to denounce the cowardice of Ford, which I have tried to talk to for three days and which did not have the courage to take a call from the economy and finance minister," Le Maire told senators in Paris.

"I want to denounce the treachery of Ford towards its more than 800 employees at the Blanquefort site," he added. "They have been betrayed by Ford."

In a statement, Ford's local subsidiary FAI said that "we do not believe that the plans presented by the potential buyer offer a level of security and 
protection, or limit the risk of future job losses, which we are seeking for FAI employees."

Ford "acknowledges the commitment and efforts of the French government to develop a viable and robust takeover plan, as well as the intensive efforts from the unions of FAI and the potential buyer," it added.

Jean-Marc Chavant, a staff representative from the Force Ouvriere union, expressed his "immense disappointment" at Ford's decision.

"It was understandable, it was what we feared, but we had started to hope a little bit," he told AFP.

The Ford factory has become another battleground between French trade unions and American multinationals that are often portrayed in France as heartless, job-slashing capitalists.

campaign, which was won by Emmanuel Macron -- who was born in the city.

Plans by US appliance maker Whirlpool to close a factory in the northern town of Amiens became a controversy during last year's presidential election


Former French PM Valls launches Barcelona mayor bid

RFI By Jan van der Made Issued on 13-12-2018 Modified 13-12-2018 to 16:59

France's former prime minister Manuel Valls was to unveil his campaign to become mayor of Barcelona on Thursday evening. Valls said goodbye to French politics in September and announced he would run for office in the city where he was born.

“People were very surprised that [Valls] made such a move,” says Xavier Cuadras of the Pompeu Fabra University.

He does not believe the ex-PM, whose career has so far been devoted to French politics, has much chance of being elected to lead the Catalan capital.

“He is mainly seen as a political opportunist and he’s taking advantage of the problem we have now in Barcelona, in Catalonia in general of independence," Cuadras comments. "And he is trying to get all those voters that think that he is going to stand against independence."

Valls has the support of centre-right party Ciudadanos, the leading opposition in the Catalan parliament where pro-independence parties have a majority.

Valls’s anti-independence stance won’t go down well with the pro-independence regional government.

Independence stance to be decisive

The elections for the position of mayor will take place in May and the candidates’ position on the question of independence may tip the balance.

But some think Valls has placed too much importance on the question.

“He is very much opposed to it. Militantly opposed to it,” comments Cuadras.

“In fact this is the only feature of his candidacy so far. Basically he’s been very vocal about independence, and on local issues he has emphasized the question of security. Although Barcelona is quite a safe city.”

One issue that has boosted support for independence is the amount of taxes Barcelona, and Catalonia as a whole, pay to the central government in Madrid.

Many voters feel the region pays more than its fair share.

So if Valls is able to find a compromise here, he may attract more voters than the polls anticipate.


Air France names first ever female director general

Connexion   journalist Thu 13 Dec 2018 13h24

Air France has appointed experienced airline director Anne Rigail as its new director general, taking over from previous director Franck Terner as the first woman ever in the role.

Ms Rigail is currently client deputy director general at Air France, and has worked in the company for over 20 years.

She started her airline career in 1991 at Air Inter, and helped spearhead the growth of the company’s domestic routes. When Air Inter merged with Air France in 1997, Ms Rigail was named head of client services at Paris Orly airport.

She became flight director general in 2013, and became client director general in 2017.

The head of Air France has been a troubled role in recent months, amid strikes and disagreements with ground staff, cabin crew, and pilots over pay.

As part of her new role, Ms Rigail will now be expected to continue the negotiations with unions and employees, and shore up Air France’s competitiveness while restoring trust with its employees.

In recent months, pilot union SNPL has completely changed its leadership, and commentators have suggested that this “freshness” could lead to a new agreement between unions and management.


That’s News About France on Friday, December 14th.

Reporting for RADIO 74 “The Answer”, I’m Ron Myers.





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