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The good resolutions made in one's own strength avail nothing. - AG 101

"LifeStyle 74"

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The delightful sounds of Autumn 2019 on "LifeStyle 74"

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LifeStyle 74 is essentially commercial free.
Listener supported.  Help us ignite hope!

LifeStyle 74 - DAB+ programme produced in Switzerland
RADIO 74 - FM programme produced in France

LifeStyle 74 weather…

A pause in the wet weather today and tomorrow, but the weekend promises to be wet.

Quite sunny today, despite some high clouds, mainly along the Jura. Max Temp 17 on the plain. 0 at 2200 meters, rising to 3000 meters. Weak SW winds on the plain, moderate W winds in the mountains.

Mostly Sunny on the Plateau and in the PreAlps, Partly Sunny along the Jura.
Clouds arriving by late evening. Maybe some rain overnight along the Jura. Max Temp 17 C. 0 at 3000 meters. Weak SW winds on the plain. Moderate to strong SW winds in the mountains.

Cloudy north of the Alps, and along the southerly slopes of the Valaisanne Alps. Rain during the morning. The snow line lowering from 2500 to 2100 meters. Max Temps 15 to 18 C.

Mostly Cloudy. Intermittent to Frequent rain, sometime abundant rain in the West of the country. The snow line between 1800 and 2000 meters. High 15 C.

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
Variable weather conditions, alternating periods of rain and shine. Rain more likely in the West and along the S slopes of the Valaisanne Alps. The snow line between 1800 and 2000 meters. Highs 14 to 17 C.


LifeStyle 74 is a community service radio network heard on DAB+ radios in the area of Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Sion, in Switzerland. In France, we broadcast on FM at Geneva, Annecy and at 5 other cities in Haute Savoie and Ain.

LifeStyle 74 is essentially non-commercial, not-for-profit and listener supported. If we haven’t heard from you lately, thank you for making a generous donation at the soonest. We always need your help.

Instructions on how to donate are on the homepage of our website.

Or ring LifeStyle 74 radio on Swiss number 022 501 78 65.
In France 045 043 74 74.


LifeStyle 74 is Listener Sponsored

This radio station is not-for-profit, essentially non-commercial, sponsored primarily by donations from you our listeners.  Thank you for your generous, regular... ideally monthly support.

We fell behind during the summer when most listeners were away on holidays.


There are several ways to donate

In Switzerland, all donations to LifeStyle 74 radio are sent via the Home and Family Life Association.

Bank Name:  UBS
IBAN:  CH11 0024 0240 2690 5700N

Send cash at a Swiss bank or post using a preprinted rose colored BV, a Bulletin de Versement. Ring up and we’ll send you a few in the mail.

In France, all donations are sent to Sante Totale RADIO 74.

Bank Name:  Banque Populaire des Alpes
74160 St. Julien-en-Genevois, France
IBAN:  FR76 16807 00060 301 822 992 13 32

Or mail a check to RADIO 74, BP 388, 74163 St. Julien-en-Genevois, France.

For more information, In Switzerland ring on 022 501 78 65
In France ring on 045 043 74 74.

We are grateful!


Welcome to the new "LifeStyle 74"

Zest for life, health, happiness, joy, peace, love, truth, new ideas, beautiful music... all that life should and can be 24 hours a day,
LifeStyle 74... unique in every way!

The 7 in our name focuses on NEW STAR, the 7 basic health principles:
Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air and Rest.

The 4 refers to balancing of the Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual dimensions of humankind and our relationship with the Creator God.

LifeStyle 74... helping you live life to the fullest!


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Code 3

To better communicate our current financial status to listener-supporters.

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