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Financial Support

How to financially support RADIO 74

RADIO 74 "The Answer" operates thanks to public good will, and by voluntary cash contributions from individual listeners and families.  During 2019 more than 80% of our financial support will come directly from listeners.

A small amount does come from commercial advertising and a small French State subsidy some years.  But RADIO 74 is essentially non-commercial, independent, and not controlled or financed by any particular church, religious, philosophical or political organization, or by the State.

RADIO 74 is a labour of love. Our staff is largely composed of volunteers, organized into teams, most of whom work from home.  Management personnel and the board of directors serve without remuneration of any kind.

Only three of our staff receive salaries, of about minimum French wage.

Donate to who?

Donations in Switzerland are exclusively made through the HOME AND FAMILY LIFE Association.  100% of all donations made to that organization are transfered to RADIO 74 and used to operate the station.

How much should I send ?

To keep RADIO 74 operating during 2019, 500 listeners are needed, contributing about 40 Euros per month.

Some listeners send 30, 50 or 100 per month.  A few people send more, others less.  There is no fixed amount, and no memberships.  Your gifts of any size are gratefully received and wisely managed.

You will receive the NEWSLETTER at most 2 or 3 times a year.


RADIO 74 Budget for 2019

Normal operations    

270,000 Euros

Austerity budget

230,000 Euros


20,000 Euros 


To pledge your regular support:

  • Register your pledge registration form here
  • Contact us by e-mail, phone, fax or letter here


RADIO 74 is income tax deductible only in two countries

  • Donations to RADIO 74 are only income-tax deductible in France.
  • Donations to RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE are only income-tax deductible in the USA.

Donations to RADIO 74 through Home & Family Life Association of Switzerland ARE NOT income-tax deductiblePlease do not try to use donation receipts for an income tax deduction in Switzerland. 

 RADIO 74 is grateful for the collaboration of Home & Family Life, the not-for-profit association which is solely authorized to collect donations on behalf of RADIO 74 in Switzerland.

Please note that all donations above 5,000 CHF per year are taxed at the rate of about 30%.  If you'd like to donate above this level, please contact RADIO 74 to make proper arrangements.

RADIO 74 is a service of the TOTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION of France, independent of all other organizations, notably religious and political.

Thank you for your financial support !

May God bless and reward you abundantly!

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