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Men Want Real Women

Media, entertainment, education, legislators and culture in general have been carving out a brave new world for women over the past half century, redefining attitudes and roles that many women, in the long run, are finding uncomfortable, disappointing and dead end.

Wonderfully made, what is a women?  Who is she?  What roles in the world and the family would bring her, her spouse and their children the most fulfillment?  How can she live life to the fullest in a world hell-bent on remaking her tough, agressive, competetive, free to do and be everything for which she was neither physically nor psychologically designed?

Some insights and fresh thinking from Focus on the Family...





"Dr. Esther's" Journey to a Full Life

2015-esther-christmasDr. Maria Esther Roybal-Hazen is a physician, art history professor, psychologist and theologian.  Her first series of programs on RADIO 74 is "Journey to a Full Life" bringing insight into every aspect of wellness, helping you avoiding illness.
Dr. Esther
's fascinating world of ideas, observation and learning is infectious, bringing new dimensions of total health. Heard twice daily Mon-Fri, 6:10am and 6:10 pm.  Good listening and learning on RADIO 74 "The Answer"!

Note: production of this program series has been temporarily suspended until autumn 2017 after Dr. Esther should have completed her move from the USA to France/Switzerland.


Woman Want Real Men

What's a real man?  What's a man good for?  That's the highly relevant question men have been asking themselves since the emergence of the women's liberation movement of the 1970s.  In an effort to bring "equality" to women, men have been falling through gaping cracks, their world crumbling as it's ever being redefined, their God-given identity placed in doubt.

So what is a real man?  What is he good for in this brave new world where many women have been taught to believe they can go it alone without a man?

Some food for thought in this article from Focus on the Family.


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