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Stratus on the Plateau this morning up to about 1000 meters… dissipating.   Otherwise Mostly Sunny today. Cumulous clouds over the mountains this afternoon with slight chance of a shower in the Valaisanne Alps and in High Valais. Max temps near 26 C. 0 at 4000 meters. Tendency of Bise winds on the Plateau. Weak NE winds in the mountains.

About the same. Sunny! Highs near 27 C. 0 at 4000 meters. Chance of afternoon showers in the Alps.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Sunny ! High between 27 and 30 C. Cumulous clouds over the mountains with a chance of afternoon showers or thunderstorms, especially in the Alps.

Quite Sunny. Showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains.

Partly Sunny. Showers in all areas especially 2nd

LifeStyle 74 weather.

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French musician carried off by a bear in Canada

By RFI Issued on 21-08-2019

French composer Julien Gauthier was killed by a bear while recording sounds on a canoeing trip in remote northwestern Canada last week, sources said Tuesday.

Gauthier, 44, was travelling with a friend in Canada’s Northwest Territories, where he was gathering recordings of nature for use in his music.

They were about halfway through a nearly 1,500-kilometre canoe journey down the Mackenzie River when a bear attacked Gauthier in the night between last Wednesday and Thursday.

The friend, biologist Camille Toscani, found another group of travellers who alerted authorities, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) found a body on Friday afternoon.

The RCMP told AFP agency on Tuesday it had “found a man dead” who had “encountered a bear”, but would not confirm the identity of the victim until after an autopsy that was expected to be carried out within 24 to 48 hours.

Friends and associates have been releasing information about the incident.

“I am profoundly saddened to share news of the death of our companion,” Marc Feldman of the Brittany Symphony Orchestra, where Gauthier was composer in residence since 2017, posted on Facebook on Monday.

Music, photography and adventure

Toscani told French newspaper Le Parisien they were camped along the river 50 kilometres south of the village of Tulita when the attack occurred.

According to Le Parisien, the RCMP said the bear seized him “by the neck and shoulder before carrying him off into the forest”.

The RCMP sent a helicopter to evacuate the campers and search the area.

The pair had planned to spend 30 days in August and September travelling downriver from Fort Providence west of the territory’s Great Slave Lake to Inuvik on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

“During the adventure, Julien will record and be inspired by the new sounds he will encounter there and Camille will take photos,” read a description of their journey on crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank.

“Upon their return, Julien will work with the recorded sounds with Michèle [a cellist] to find inspiration for creating an original composition. They will create a mini-concert/installation around the project that will include Camille’s photos, in an intimate space in Paris or in the surrounding region.”

Gauthier used sounds of nature in music

Gauthier met Toscani in during a five-month residency on the Kerguelen Islands, a French territory in the southern Indian Ocean, where he was gathering recordings that he included in his work “Symphonie australe”.

“I recorded sounds of animals; penguins, seals, sea elephants, of the scientists’ base, of boats. Then I studied these sounds to try and extract rhythms and melodies,” he told the France Musique radio station in an interview about his symphony.

The composer was continuing this line of creative research in the Northwest Territories. “We knew he was going to bring back interesting material from this region and that we would work on it afterwards,” said Marc Feldman.

Gauthier’s companion Laura told Le Parisien the musician “was very ambitious. He brought together music and his adventurous side. He was so excited about this trip. Unfortunately, it cost him his life.”

Gauthier was born in Ottawa to French parents, also held Canadian citizenship and lived in Canada until he was 19.

He studied at the Paris Conservatory and lived in the Parisian suburb of Pantin. In addition to composing, he also led seminars at the Philharmonie de Paris and taught at the conservatory at Gennevilliers for the past 11 years.

“He was as involved in music as in social and environmental issues,” the conservatory’s co-director Nathalie Robert told Le Parisien.

Bear attacks are rare

Officials have not identified the type of bear involved in the attack, but said one grizzly and one black bear were killed and were being tested as part of the investigation.

Wildlife officials say the territory is home to as many as 5,000 grizzly bears but that attacks on people were rare.

Megan Wohlberg, spokesperson for Natural Resources Canada, said that Gauthier was the fourth fatality linked to a bear attack in the Northwest Territories in 20 years.

Bear attacks killed three people in Canada last year: an inuit hunter by a polar bear on Hudson Bay in Nunavut in August, and a woman and her 10-month-old baby mauled by a grizzly in the Yukon Territory in November.

Gauthier was the second French man to have died in the Northwest Territories this month. Another French man was found dead on 7 August on Great Slave Lake, where he had been kayaking alone towards the Arctic Ocean.


France tells tourists to stop eroding nature by stone-stacking

By RFI Issued on 20-08-2019

Towns across France are urging visitors eager to snap the perfect Instagram-friendly holiday photos to refrain from harming the environment by stacking stones, or rock cairns.

Much to the annoyance of locals, piling the pebbles has become an increasingly popular way to create an artistic focal point for landscape pictures.

While rock cairns have historical spiritual purposes, and are sometimes used to guide hikers, French media reports these days say they're “invading” the country’s mountains and beaches.

Daily Le Parisien has described them as a “menace” to those seeking to protect the French coastline.

"It’s become such a phenomenon that hundreds of them are being made made every day," said Didier Olivry, from the Brittany branch of the Conservatoire du littoral, a public organisation in charge of seabord protection. "At this rate, it's an attack on the ecosystem.”

In July, the Living Brittany environmental association dismantled dozens of cairns built in Camaret-sur-Mer. Those caught making the structures can be fined up to 1,500 euros.

Over on the Atlantic coast of the Charente-Maritime department, a growing number of cairns has led the mayor of Saint-Denis d'Oléron, Jean-Michel Massé, to invest in signposts warning tourists of the damage they’re doing.

"In the beginning, in 2015, it wasn’t such a problem, but the following year tens of cubic meters of stone had been moved,” said Massé, adding that some cairns as high as two meters risked collapsing on children.

"The pebbles are a natural bulwark against the waves and protects the coast."

Ahead of next summer’s tourist season, a host of communities are planning a poster campaign to be broadcast by tourist organizations.


Anti-capitalist campaigners host 'G7 Alternative' summit in France

By RFI Issued on 21-08-2019

Anti-capitalist campaigners are gathering for discussions and workshops in the southwestern coastal French city of Hendaye amid high security ahead of the G7 summit this weekend.

It is France's turn to host the annual G7 summit as French president Emmanuel Macron takes over chairmanship of the group dubbed "seven richest nations". They include Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States.

The Summit's theme this year is 'fighting inequality', particularly in education. But anti-capitalist campaigners doubt the intentions of G7 countries.

Alternative G7

Before the world leaders meet in Biarritz for the summit starting on Saturday, thousands of anti-capitalist activists are gathering in Hendaye, located on the Spanish border.

There will be discussions and workshops promoting ecological, anti-racist and anti-colonial solutions to the world's problems.

"We are not just saying we are against capitalism, we want to show people there are alternatives," explains Arturo Villanueva, a spokesperson for 'Alternative G7', a collective of anti-capitalist NGOs.

The Basque region of France has long been associated with resistance linked to the unique language and culture of the people. In recent decades an alternative economy has been created, including the Eusko currency as well as a renewable energy network.

Call for Saturday demonstration

When the discussions and workshops draw to a close, Alternative G7 will hold a demonstration on Saturday 24 August calling on world leaders to tackle inequality.

It is a call likely to resonate with the Yellow Vest movement that took Emmanuel's government by surprise here in France.

Both the Alternative G7 and the security service are hoping that Saturday's march will remain peaceful. "Our main weapon in the war on neo-liberal capitalism is peaceful demonstrations," says Villanueva.


LifeStyle 74 weather…

Some stratus clouds this morning, up to near 1000 to 1200 meters. Dissipating this morning. Then becoming Mostly Sunny. Max Temps in the mid 20s. Light Bise winds on the Plateau. Weak N winds in the mountains. 0 at 4000 meters.

Friday and Saturday
Sunny ! But clouds forming in the afternoon. Chance of showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially in the Valaisanne Alps and in High Valais. Max temps in the upper 20s. Slight tendency of Bise winds on the Plateau. Weak NE winds in the Mountains. 0 at 4000 Meters.

Sunday and Monday
Sunny ! Cumulous clouds over the mountains during the afternoon, followed by showers, maybe with thunder, more likely in the Alps. Highs near 30 C.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Sunny days. Chance of thunderstorms in the mountains.

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