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Tracking Coronavirus worldwide

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Before travelling on a French passport, get informed

It’s advisable to consult this official website: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

The coronavirus keeps spreading in Switzerland

As Covid-19 spreads almost uncontrollably, the Federal Office of Public Health of Switzerland decided on not testing people anymore if they are sick but only people at risk for a fatal outcome.

As the Covid-19 disease becomes so common there are certain precautions to take, not necessarily for yourself if you are a healthy individual under 65 (as in that case the disease is usually mild), but for the sick and elderly people. Please take note of the following precautions as given by Dr. Sabina Cabungcal, MD, (member of the boards of Home & Family Life and RADIO 74 SUISSE):

1. People who have a cough (even without fever, even if just very light) should stay at home and not join any group meeting.

2. People who have a chronic disease like Diabetes, cardiovascular disease (including not well-controlled high blood pressure), chronic respiratory disease, conditions and treatments that weaken the immune system, cancer or/and 65 years + old should stay at home also.

3. Everyone should wash their hands regularly or disinfect them with hand sanitizer.

4. If you are very sick and not sure what to do call the following number: *0800 909 400* (Geneva hotline for coronavirus).

5. Never go to the doctor or hospital without calling them first.

6. Avoid hugging, kissing, and handshaking during group meetings.

These measures help or assist in the fight against the spread of the disease.

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