36 years of service

RADIO 74 celebrates 36 years of service today. 

Twas on an icy cold Saturday night when Ron climbed up on the roof to finish connecting a make shift antenna to the lightening rod of the house.  Just after midnight, Sunday, January 17, 1982, RADIO 74 made it's first test transmission from the cold spare bedroom of a friend's home at Collonges-sous-Saleve. It consisted of music from record albums and chit chat with a colleague who's name escapes us. That first broadcast lasted less than an hour.  Though using only a tiny 15 watt transmitter, amazingly at least three people in the Geneva area heard us.  Three days later, three letters from these ecstatic listeners arrived at our post box.  We were elated!  RADIO 74 was born.  It was the region's first English speaking radio, and by Thursday of that week, a Geneva newspaper reported that we were on the air, transmitting on a frequency, to our chagrin, reserved by Switzerland for their future "Couleur 3". 

Later the same day, Sunday, we made another transmission, and on Monday we broadcast most of the day.  The studio equipment, set up on the floor (we had no table) consisted of a small audio mixer, one Sure microphone, two Technics turntables, one Revox tape recorder and an audio processor, the secret to our clean professional sound.

During the first week, we broadcast for three hours live each day and recorded it on the Revox recorder.  Ron homemade a device that caused the reel of tape to rewind and to repeat every three hours, with a pause of about 3 minutes during the rewind.  A few weeks later, we added a second Revox to have a 6 hour program repeating 3 times during the day and night.  That's how, with a staff of two, RADIO 74 became the first 24 hour private radio station in the Geneva area.

There's so much to remember and tell of those early days of RADIO 74 that we need to write a book... in all our spare time!  Eventually we hope to.

It's hard to believe how fast the years have sped by, how many friends we've made, how much love we've receive from you our listeners!  We feel so very blessed to be part of your life each day.  Your response and support energize us to keep on in the face of ever present obstacles.

The team here at RADIO 74 thank you!  We love you!

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