Is Middle East War Imminent?

"Deterioration in the Middle East is actually advancing and we expect... this is our independent analysis... we expect that there will be at least one or two wars, most likely two wars and the region is advancing in that direction inexorably...", suggested distinguished Macro-Economist and Geopolitical Strategist Christian Takushi, interviewed by Ron Myers on RADIO 74 Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7:45 am.

"The initial concern is that one of those two wars is likely to be nuclear," said Takushi.

When asked about the time frame, Takushi added, "its very hard to tell especially in the Middle East because so many factors are converging and overlapping. But let me say that this is all global powers, all powers in the world, existing and arising ones are peopled (?) in on the Middle East and especially Jerusalem..." 

Takushi emphasized the role hot only of Israel but of Europe and it's need of an alternative source of oil.  A pipeline is planned to meet this need running from Iran through Kurdish controlled northern Iraq to Turkey.  Along this planned pipeline is were conflict has been the most ferocious in recent years as Kurds, nation stations and even ISIS struggle for a piece of the action.

Both the US and Russia, going through important elections this year, are desperately seeking to stave off conflict.  But Iran is pressing to advance the schedule along with its allies Russia, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen, and possibly Iraq.  On the other side would be Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Kurds and the US, and possibly Egypt, according to Takushi.

Iran, thanks to Hamas activities, is feeling more comfortable to soon attack Israel, he said.

The entire 12 minute interview can be heard at this link to his Geopolitical Economics website.



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