Battle of the Budget

RADIO 74 continues its battle for survival at a time when listener donations have tumbled remarkably low.  While the station's financial crisis has not worsened in the past two years, the financial pressure has not eased.

Donations have gradually fallen during the past several years to the point where austerity budgeting can longer shrink any further and still meet essential expenses.  Unless the situation is rapidly turned around, and regular donations increase, we resist considering what could happen.

Operating debt remains at about 60,000 SFr, or about 50,000 Euros in arears.  Nearly half of the debt is for studio rent which has gone unpaid for nearly two years. It's a miracle our landlord has remained patient, but he has his limits.  And salaries have gone unpaid for four months placing heavy strain on the three paid staff, seasoned professionals, who are working at minimum French wage.

Our immediate goal is to clear all lingering operating debt, 60,000 CHf.

The shortfall is largely due to expansion into the Swiss Digital Audio Band.  This is costing over 40,000 SFr per year and will increase to over 60,000 during 2018.  But this has to be done now if RADIO 74 is to remain an active player after FM broadcasting is phased out in Switzerland by 2024.  There are only so many channels available and RADIO 74 was compelled to advance when channels were available or else get left behind.

We have every reason to believe that the financial situation will ease over coming years as the shift from FM to DAB+ accelerates.  We expect listeners in Zurich, Lausanne and in other Swiss cities will donate sufficiently to make up the current deficit.  Meanwhile, no stone is going unturned in the search for funds to keep RADIO 74 alive during the next 3 to 5 years.

Your donations are very much needed and appreciated. Do it here at the RADIO 74 website using PayPal or a major credit or bank card. 
Or request some BVs, bulletins de versement by calling RADIO 74 on 022 501 78 65. 
In France mail a check to RADIO 74, BP 388, 74163 St. Julien-en-Genevois, France. 

The team kindly thank you!


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