SOS - RADIO 74 about to be cut off DAB+

This is really, really, really urgent. Please pray and act to help avoid imminent loss. RADIO 74 will be forced to go off the air in Switzerland if overdue DAB+ transmission fees are not paid by this weekend. We expect a miracle.

Around the clock transmission to four large zones of Switzerland, including Zurich the largest with population of nearly 2 million, costs only 16,500 CHF per quarter. Long overdue second quarter fees must be paid by July 14th and the third quarter by end of July to avoid our contract being forever cancelled.

Why are we short? Due to recent expansion into Switzerland. Along with EU countries, Switzerland is in transition from AM and FM broadcasting to DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Switzerland has already closed down all AM radio transmitters, and FM will end by 2024. The future is DAB+ and RADIO 74 wants to be a part of it long term.

DAB+ channels are in short supply. The waiting line is many years long. If we lose our broadcasting contract we’ll likely never get it back, ending any hope of remaining a Swiss radio station.

By miracle, RADIO 74 was the first network with religious content the Swiss ever authorized soon after the introduction of low budget DAB+ stations. French based RADIO 74 decided to expand into Switzerland and we stepped out by faith. Authorities granted us a channel, and so far we’ve survived. Thousands of people are listening and are hearing the Good News every day.

Yet the financial burden is heavy. DAB+ transmission costs 16,500 CHF per quarter, but gives us access to about 1/3 of the Swiss population of 8 million. RADIO 74 in France, on the air since 1982, is the organization behind this effort, and it urgently needs your financial support especially during the Swiss transition to DAB+. As listenership to DAB+ grows, donations are improving but are not yet adequate to maintain our program service.

I think you agree. RADIO 74 dares not retreat or abandoned its mission of broadcasting Hope and Light in Switzerland.

And so I’m asking you to pray. And if you could, make a generous donation today. Use your credit card at our secure websites. Or to avoid fees, ask your banker to make a wire transfer from your account to that of RADIO 74 in France.

Or if you need a US IRS income tax deductible receipt, then donate through our sister organization in the USA, RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE. Earmark your gift for Switzerland.

Complete information and banking details at our websites:

www.radio74.org France
www.radio74.net USA

We thank you for coming to the rescue at this critical moment. May God bless you abundantly!

Ron Myers

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