More Good News! 

A total of 16,200 CHF has been received towards paying our outstanding DAB+ transmission fees! Thank God!  This money is being rushed to our service provider by bank transfer. 

We thank each person who is donating to keep RADIO 74 on the air in Switzerland.

Thus the long overdue 2nd quarter 2018 Swiss DAB+ transmission fees are now cared for and we hope will hold off the cancellation of our Swiss broadasting contract until end of the month.  But the 3rd quarter DAB+ bill is now over due for 16,500 CHF.  It must be paid at once, with possible grace until end of July. 

We are not out of difficulty yet.  Thank you for your continuing prayers and support.

I'm confident someone reading this will take care of some or all of this remaining need.  No donation is to big or too small.  It all adds up. 

The final quarter bill for 2018 will come due on October 1st. 

Later this year, annual DAB+ transmission costs will rise from 66,000 CHF per year to about 80,000 CHF when the new Neuhatel, Yverdon and Friburg transmitters are switched on.  Many thousands more listners will be able to hear RADIO 74 and benefit. 

Despite increased costs, we expect our financial situation to improve in 2019. The RADIO 74 SUISSE association should be fully operational by then, with its own broadcasting studio in Switzerland.  It will be qualified to receive the Swiss State subsidy of up to 80% of DAB+ transmission costs granted to all private Swiss broadcasters.

Your donations are always used wisely and our accounting is fully transparent and verified by an external professional accredited accounting firm
You can donate here at the RADIO 74 website using a credit card.  Or request some Bulletins de Versement for making cash donations at the bank or post.  Ring Swiss number, 022 501 78 65.  Or in France, ring RADIO 74 on 045 043 74 74.


The RADIO 74 team thank you!


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