Mission Accomplished!

Glory!  A last minute burst of donations from listeners arrived just in time to pay the 3rd quarter Swiss DAB+ transmission fees hours before the deadline, averting the loss of our contract to broadcast in Switzerland.

We knew you would come through and the RADIO 74 team are indeed grateful!  Personal thanks to each person who donated in this united effort to keep RADIO 74 on the air in Switzerland.

Altogether 16'500 CHF was paid in recent days to DIGRIS, the Swiss broadcasting bouquet which leases us space on their DAB+ systems in Zurich, Sion, Lausanne and Geneva.  We are secure now until the next bill comes due on October 1st, 2018.

Other needs of the station total around 20'000 CHF per month... rents (some of which are long overdue, music royalty fees, salaries and social charges, etc., are many months behind.  Thank you for helping RADIO 74 get caught up and stay caught up over the months to come.

Donate on line here at the RADIO 74 website!

Kindest regards,

Ron Myers

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