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Taking Good Health Principles to the Streets

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RADIO 74 teamed up with AFG in central Geneva on Saturday afternoon, February 17th, to draw pulbic attention to the value and joy of good health.

Medical professionals, members of AFG (Adventist Fellowship Geneva), young people and kids, along with RADIO 74's "ER in the Morning" hosts, Dr. Esther and Ron, set up a stand on the Rue de la Croix d'Or to offer blood pressure tests, provide counseling on health issues such as detoxing, and gave away tasty vegan food samples.  The more curious stopped to take advantage and were not disappointed!

Oops! Good thing we checked. This lady's blood pressure is excessive and she needs urgent medical care.

Living life to the fullest and maintaining a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.  RADIO 74, a community service of the Total Health Association, encourages listeners to adopt a healthy lifestyle and teaches sound health principles. 

David, Dr. Esther, Margo, Sanda


Battle of the Budget

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RADIO 74 continues its battle for survival at a time when listener donations have tumbled remarkably low.  While the station's financial crisis has not worsened in the past two years, the financial pressure has not eased.

Donations have gradually fallen during the past several years to the point where austerity budgeting can longer shrink any further and still meet essential expenses.  Unless the situation is rapidly turned around, and regular donations increase, we resist considering what could happen.

Operating debt remains at about 60,000 SFr, or about 50,000 Euros in arears.  Nearly half of the debt is for studio rent which has gone unpaid for nearly two years. It's a miracle our landlord has remained patient, but he has his limits.  And salaries have gone unpaid for four months placing heavy strain on the three paid staff, seasoned professionals, who are working at minimum French wage.

Our immediate goal is to clear all lingering operating debt, 60,000 CHf.

The shortfall is largely due to expansion into the Swiss Digital Audio Band.  This is costing over 40,000 SFr per year and will increase to over 60,000 during 2018.  But this has to be done now if RADIO 74 is to remain an active player after FM broadcasting is phased out in Switzerland by 2024.  There are only so many channels available and RADIO 74 was compelled to advance when channels were available or else get left behind.

We have every reason to believe that the financial situation will ease over coming years as the shift from FM to DAB+ accelerates.  We expect listeners in Zurich, Lausanne and in other Swiss cities will donate sufficiently to make up the current deficit.  Meanwhile, no stone is going unturned in the search for funds to keep RADIO 74 alive during the next 3 to 5 years.

Your donations are very much needed and appreciated. Do it here at the RADIO 74 website using PayPal or a major credit or bank card. 
Or request some BVs, bulletins de versement by calling RADIO 74 on 022 501 78 65. 
In France mail a check to RADIO 74, BP 388, 74163 St. Julien-en-Genevois, France. 

The team kindly thank you!



Is Middle East War Imminent?

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"Deterioration in the Middle East is actually advancing and we expect... this is our independent analysis... we expect that there will be at least one or two wars, most likely two wars and the region is advancing in that direction inexorably...", suggested distinguished Macro-Economist and Geopolitical Strategist Christian Takushi, interviewed by Ron Myers on RADIO 74 Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7:45 am.

"The initial concern is that one of those two wars is likely to be nuclear," said Takushi.

When asked about the time frame, Takushi added, "its very hard to tell especially in the Middle East because so many factors are converging and overlapping. But let me say that this is all global powers, all powers in the world, existing and arising ones are peopled (?) in on the Middle East and especially Jerusalem..." 

Takushi emphasized the role hot only of Israel but of Europe and it's need of an alternative source of oil.  A pipeline is planned to meet this need running from Iran through Kurdish controlled northern Iraq to Turkey.  Along this planned pipeline is were conflict has been the most ferocious in recent years as Kurds, nation stations and even ISIS struggle for a piece of the action.

Both the US and Russia, going through important elections this year, are desperately seeking to stave off conflict.  But Iran is pressing to advance the schedule along with its allies Russia, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen, and possibly Iraq.  On the other side would be Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Kurds and the US, and possibly Egypt, according to Takushi.

Iran, thanks to Hamas activities, is feeling more comfortable to soon attack Israel, he said.

The entire 12 minute interview can be heard at this link to his Geopolitical Economics website.




36 ans de service

RADIO 74 célèbre 36 ans de service aujourd’hui.

Il était un samedi froid et glacial où Ron grimpa sur le toit pour terminer la connexion d’une antenne bricolée sur le paratonnerre de la maison. Juste après minuit le dimanche 17 janvier 1982, RADIO 74 fit son premier essai de transmission depuis la froide chambre de la maison d’un ami à Collonges-sous-Salève. Cela consistait en musique d’albums vinyles et de discussions à bâtons rompus avec un collègue dont le nom nous échappe. Cette première transmission dura moins d’une heure. Bien que n’ayant utilisé qu’un petit émetteur de 15 watts, de manière surprenante, au moins trois personnes dans la région genevoise nous entendirent. Trois jours plus tard, trois lettres nous parvinrent dans notre boîte aux lettres de la part de ces trois auditeurs extatiques. Nous étions ravis ! RADIO 74 était né. Le jeudi de la même semaine, un journal papier de Genève rapporta que nous étions à l’antenne, émettant sur une fréquence qui, à notre regret, était réservée par la Suisse pour la future Couleur3.

Plus tard dans la même journée ce dimanche-là, nous faisions une nouvelle transmission, et le lundi nous émettions une grande partie de la journée. L’équipement studio, installé au sol (nous n’avions pas de table) consistait en une petite table de mixage audio, un micro Sure, deux tourne-disques Technics, une enregistreur de bandes Revox et un processeur audio, le secret de notre son propre et professionnel.

Durant la première semaine, nous émettions chaque jour en direct pendant trois heures et l’enregistrions sur l’enregistreur Revox. Ron fabriqua un gadget qui provoquait le rembobinage automatique de la bande et sa répétion toutes les trois heures, avec une pause de trois minutes pendant le rembobinage. Quelques semaines plus tard, nous ajoutions un deuxième Revox pour avoir un programme de six heures se répliquant trois fois jour et nuit. C’est de cette façon que, par un équipe de deux personnes, RADIO 74 devint la première station de radio privée 24/7 sur la région genevoise.

Il y aurait tant de choses à dire et à se remémorer de cette première époque de RADIO 74 que nous aurions besoin d’écrire un livre… sur notre temps libre. Nous espérons à la longue pouvoir le faire.

Il est difficile d’imaginer avec quelle rapidité les années ont défilé, combien d’amitiés nous avons créées, combien d’amour nous avons reçus de nos auditeurs ! Nous nous sentons si bénis de faire partie de votre vie de tous les jours. Votre réponse et soutien nous revigorent afin de pouvoir relever les défis face aux obstacles toujours présents.

L’équipe ici à RADIO 74 vous remercie ! Nous vous aimons !

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