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Battle of the Budget

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RADIO 74 continues a longterm battle at a time when listener donations have tumbled remarkably low.  While the station's financial crisis has not worsened over the past two years, the financial pressure has not eased.

The austerity annual operating budget is CHF 250,000.  Current operating debt stands at 100,000 SFr, about 90,000 Euros.  Nearly half of the debt came due on June 1, 2018.  Notably 16,500 is now overdue for the 2nd quarter DAB+ transmissions fees.

The shortfall is due largely to the transition process from FM to DAB+ in Switzerland.  This is costing some 65,000 this year, closer to 80,000 next year as we add the cities of Neuchatel, Yverdon and Friburg.  But expansion is essential to the longevity and viability of RADIO 74.  If we are to remain an active player after FM broadcasting is phased out in Switzerland in 2024, we must advance now while these very scarce channels are being offered to us.

We have every reason to believe that our financial situation will ease over coming years as the shift from FM to DAB+ accelerates.  We expect listeners in Zurich, Lausanne and in other Swiss cities will eventually donate more than enough to care for these costs.  Meanwhile, no stone is going unturned in our search for funding to keep RADIO 74 alive during the next 3 to 5 critical years.

Please know that YOUR donations are very much needed and appreciated. Donate here at the RADIO 74 website using a major credit or bank card via the secure PayPal system.  Or by bank transfer.
Or request some BVs, the pink bulletins de versement, for use when you donate cash from the Swiss post or banks. Ring RADIO 74 on 022 501 78 65. 

In France, either donate on line, or mail a check to RADIO 74, BP 388, 74163 St. Julien-en-Genevois, France.   Ring 045 043 74 74.

The team kindly thank you!



Thanks for your support! Thank you for taking a stand!

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We have complimentary needs and purposes.  We need each other!
RADIO 74 stands for Truth and Beauty.  We count on your support.
Donate on line.  Click on the yellowish "DONATE" button to the left of your screen.  Many, many thanks for supporting RADIO 74 !


Listener Survey Participation !

L'équipe de RADIO 74 aimerait connaitre votre opinion, vos critiques, suggestions... et/ou vos encouragements.
Nous vous invitons à participer au sondage auditeurs. Cela ne prendra pas plus que 2 min.
Pour accéder au sondage, [ cliquez ici ]

Merci pour votre participation !


RADIO 74 Newsletter - Printemps 2018

Cher auditeurs(trices) et amis(es), la Newsletter RADIO 74 Printemps 2018, est disponible.

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