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Living healthier, happier and longer

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By Ron Myers

I recently reported that obesity is on the rise across Europe and notably in France.  And there are reasons, all associated with modern diet and lifestyle.

The French might have a reputation for eating freshly-prepared, well-balanced meals. But the trend is downward, as more and more French people are now eating like Americans.

Eating habits in France are getting less healthy, according to a new study published Tuesday (July 11, 2017) by the French national agency of food and health safety ANSES.

Here’s some of what the study reveals…

The French are eating too many pizzas, quiches and industrial ready-meals

French people are not eating enough fiber and taking in too much salt

The French are turning in droves to food supplements to complement their diet

They are eating more raw meat and fish, which comes with "risks"

AND - their fridges are not cold enough!

And as result of worsening dietary habits it's no surprise that obesity is on the rise in France.

The number of 15-17 year-olds classed as "obese" has risen by six percent since 2007 and for adults obesity levels have gone up by five percent.

Overall, 55 percent of French men and 47 percent of French women are either overweight or obese due to changes in diet as well as lifestyle factors, such as the fact that people tend to be more sedentary, making the issue something of a public health crisis.

Like many other Western nations, the French are being tempted by ready-made foods, frozen or fast-foods, something people don't usually associate with France.

The popularity of pizzas, quiches, sandwiches and industrially-made ready meals that are full of salt, sugar and additives, or require nothing more than a quick blast in the microwave is on the rise. 

Fast foods? Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll continue eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and a few nuts each day. No meat, poultry or fish, and very little if any dairy products like cheese or cream.

I’ve been a vegetarian much of my life, and a vegan over the past 25 years. Could this be part of the reason why I’m not overweight, and remain healthy and strong?

Perhaps you too need a NEWSTART.  I wholeheartedly recommend it!   Check with your doctor first, then gradually begin your transition towards a healthier diet and lifestyle, and enjoy the health benefits!

Learn about NEWSTART:   https://weimar.org/health/ 


Men Want Real Women

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Media, entertainment, education, legislators and culture in general have been carving out a brave new world for women over the past half century, redefining attitudes and roles that many women, in the long run, are finding uncomfortable, disappointing and dead end.

Wonderfully made, what is a women?  Who is she?  What roles in the world and the family would bring her, her spouse and their children the most fulfillment?  How can she live life to the fullest in a world hell-bent on remaking her tough, agressive, competetive, free to do and be everything for which she was neither physically nor psychologically designed?

Some insights and fresh thinking from Focus on the Family...





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