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Les nations des sauvés ne connaîtrons aucune loi autre que la loi des cieux.  - Hyn 61

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Que votre coeur ne se trouble point. Croyez en Dieu, et croyez en moi.  ...Je reviendrai, et je vous prendrai avec moi, afin que là où je suis vous y soyez aussi.  Jean 14 :1-3

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En France  045 043 74 74

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Situation générale

L'anticyclone se retire temporairement sur l'Atlantique. L'atmosphère se déstabilisera à l'avant d'une perturbation attendue pour vendredi soir. Dès samedi, les pressions seront à nouveau à la hausse, dans une ambiance rafraîchie.

Analyse des fronts


Le matin, bien ensoleillé et probablement encore sec ; arrivée de voiles nuageux par le sud-ouest et développement de cumulus en montagne. Premières averses ou orages déjà possibles dans les Alpes vers la mi-journée, plus nombreux en cours d'après-midi, puis s'étendant à toutes les régions au fil des heures. Précipitations se poursuivant la nuit suivante en perdant progressivement leur caractère orageux. Importants cumuls de précipitations possibles, en particulier au voisinage des Préalpes et dans le Bas-Valais.

En plaine, minimum 16° ; maximum 29°. Vent de sud-ouest modéré sur le Plateau. Fortes rafales pouvant être associées aux orages.

En montagne, vent d'ouest modéré, devenant fort l'après-midi. Isotherme du 0°C : 3900 m.

Informations complémentaires pour les Alpes

Sommets dans les nuages dès la mi-journée. Foudre et grêle possible.


Le matin, encore assez nuageux avec un risque d'averses, en particulier dans les Préalpes et en Valais. En seconde partie de journée, passage à un temps bien ensoleillé à partir de l'ouest. Amélioration plus lente le long des Préalpes.

En plaine, minimum 15° ; maximum 24°. Bise se levant sur le Plateau en seconde partie de journée.

En montagne, vent d'ouest modéré à fort, virant au nord-ouest en cours d'après-midi. Isotherme du 0°C : 3200 m.

Informations complémentaires pour les Alpes

Pentes et sommets pris dans les nuages durant une grande partie de la matinée, voire en début d'après-midi.


Ensoleillé avec une bise parfois modérée sur le Plateau et autour du Léman. Maximum 25°, jusqu'à 28° en Valais.


En général ensoleillé. Quelques cumulus l'après-midi dans les Alpes. Maximum 27°.


En général ensoleillé. Quelques cumulus l'après-midi dans les Alpes. Maximum 29°.

Indice de confiance modéré, 4 sur 10.


En général ensoleillé et chaud. En fin de journée, faible tendance orageuse dans les Alpes.


En général ensoleillé et chaud. En fin de journée, faible tendance orageuse dans les Alpes.


Couple Conflicts - Tips for Resolving Them

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Marriage in our age is not for the faint hearted.  Confussion and stress abound as the traditional family model is being turned up-side-down.

Here are some links to articles that we hope will bring some insight:

10 Tips for Resolving Relationship Conflicts


6 Steps to Resolve Relationship Conflicts, Once and for All


What Healthy Couples Do, and Don't Do


Life with a Narcissist.  This serious psychological disorder is causing havoc in homes and couples, exceedingly painful to everyone who finds themselves in anykind of a relationship with one.

16 Signs You're Married to a Narcissist


Can a Narcissist Have a Happy Marriage



Focus on the Family Switzerland

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21Death and life are in the power of the tongue:

and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

- Proverbs 18:21 -

Dear Friends of Focus on the Family and Lifestyle 74 Radio Listeners,

We find numerous verses in the Bible that deal with the tongue and how we need the ‘fruit of the Spirit’…self-control to address this issue. The Good News translation, verses 20-21 explain this very clearly: 20You will have to live with the consequences of everything you say. 21 What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words.” It is evident that though the tongue is a very small member of our body, it can bring blessings as well as curses.

James 3:7-8 explain that mankind has been able to tame all kinds of creatures above and on the earth and in the seas, 8 But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.In these monthly FOF broadcast lists, we have often spoken of the importance of relationships, both vertically with God, but also horizontally with those around us. It seems that if we really desire to cultivate these relationships, we must be careful that no corrupt speech is spoken…words are for edifying, lifting up and encouraging. Without the Holy Spirit’s power, we can easily be tempted to destroy, abase or discourage the very persons with whom we desire to build a relationship.

The programs for July will give you insight as to how to let Christ empower us to build stronger ties with others as we chose to become encouragers, giving the very hope we have received from the LORD. As you take time to relax and enjoy these broadcasts, let Jesus teach you through them what He has planned for you. Let your fears disappear as you hold on to HIS hope.

Carol Bieri and the ASSOCIATION VIVE LA FAMILLE committee


PS. Don’t forget that you can always find the FOF monthly broadcast list on our website as well as CD’s of these broadcasts on Lifestyle 74 Radio in the FOF Library in the Boussole at the Maison de la Bible in Geneva….once the Covid 19 restrictions will be lifted.


Seems Preposterous!

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Seems preposterous, doesn't it? The end of the world? Jesus returning to Earth with indescribable power and brightness, hovering in the sky along with billions of angels, to raise the righteous dead and take everyone who has chosen Him to heaven?

The world as we've know it, beautiful as it yet is in many ways, is approaching its limit of polution, corruption, crime, deception, disasters, disease, hunger, rebellion, wars and death.

Jesus, who solemny pledged, “if I go, I will come again and receive you unto me,” will soon end the great controversy between Him and the father of lies, Satan.

Satan will be put to death. Then, God will recreate the Earth new. See the last two chapters of the Bible: Revelation 21 & 22. This promise is absolute and certain. It's impossible for God to lie.

Learn more about God's New World Order and its capital city.


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