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What is LifeStyle 74

LifeStyle 74 has studios in France and in Switzerland.  The station began in the beautiful Haute-Savoie, a department of France, adjacent to Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the foot of Europe's tallest mountain. Mt. Blanc. Originally, the 74 in our name attached us with the Haute-Savoie.  But 74 is rich in other meanings.

Since our name transition to "LifeStyle 74", the 7 focuses on NEW STAR, the basic sources of good health: Nutrution, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air and Rest.  4 is the balance of the Physical, Mental, Social and Spirit dimensions of humanity. 

LifeStyle 74 is owned and operated by not-for-profit Association Santé Totale LifeStyle 74 (Total Health Association).

LifeStyle 74 (Swiss network) is operated by not-for-profit association RADIO 74 SUISSE.

LifeStyle 74 was first heard on the airwaves just after midnight on January 17, 1982.  It was the first-ever English language FM radio broadcasting station heard in France and Switzerland, and has since then operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  LifeStyle 74 has developed into an essentially bilingual english-french educational radio network, oriented towards news and serious topics with thought-provoking conversation and interviews rather than entertainment. The station is characterised by its informative, dignified presentations and warm, pleasant manner.  Regular programmes are also broadcast in Portuguese, and occasionally in Spanish.  Eventually German programming will be introduced in some areas of our networks.

RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE of California is a completely different fully English programme beamed to North America by satellite for re-transmission on some 90 local FM and digital TV stations.  That network is legally and financially separate and independent from LifeStyle 74 (France/Switzerland).  Learn more at their website:

LifeStyle 74 tends to reach thinkers, movers and shakers, community leaders and decision makers, men and women in responsible positions, and the international and business communities.

International news bulletins from RFI, RTE, SRN & VOA, are complimented by local news, accurate weather forecasts from Meteo Suisse, and cultural announcements.

LifeStyle 74 music is unique, a blend of melodious and harmonious themes, that listeners remark is unrivaled in this part of the world.

LifeStyle 74 is particularly appreciated by families. Much of our programming is conducive to building strong families, cornerstone for the stability of any society, and includes character building programs for children.

LifeStyle 74 emphasizes sound health principles, and there are daily programmes offering solutions to common physical and psychological problems, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and prevention of disease.

LifeStyle 74 presents inspirational programmes and instruction in the Holy Scriptures in cooperation with recognized, well established international religious institutions and Bible schools.

LifeStyle 74 is ecumenical in the sense that it’s spiritual programmes of quality speak to the hearts of people from all religious groups, and particularly those of the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic faiths.

LifeStyle 74 is an indispensable, educational tool for students desiring to improve their conversation skills and comprehension of the English language.

LifeStyle 74 is a valuable asset for the tourism industry in zones covered by our network of local FM and DAB+ transmitters.  

The station reaches a considerable number of non French-speaking listeners, directing them towards countless cultural events and guiding them to discover the wonderous natural beauty of this mountainous region.

LifeStyle 74 announces free-of-charge the diverse events and activities organized by hundreds of not-for-profit associations, groups, foundations, clubs, schools, churches and other religious organizations as well as cultured artists and musicians.

LifeStyle 74 is licensed by French authorities as a not-for-profit, educational and cultural station. It must derive most of its income from voluntary listener contributions, less than 20% being permitted from commercial advertising.

RADIO 74 SUISSE is authorized to broadcast in Switzerland in the Digital Audio Band (DAB+) with the program name LifeStyle 74.

LifeStyle 74 programmes are divided into three main categories: news & public affairs, educational and cultural programmes, and music.

News comprises on average 15% of our programmes. About half the news is retransmitted by satellite live from leading international information services: RFI (France), RTE (Ireland), SRN (USA) and the VOA (USA).  These include international, european and national newscasts once or twice each hour.

Local and regional news content is composed and edited by LifeStyle 74 and its team of professional and volunteer journalists. Weather forcasts are precise, compiled at the station from data received from several official sources including Meteo France, Meteo Suisse and the Met Office of Great Britain.

These programmes occupy over 35% of our 24 hour broadcasting day. They are diverse but an important number of them deal with themes on: health (with emphasis on preventative medicine, natural remedies, psychology…..but devoid of all "Eastern" philosophies), science, the family and teaching of the Holy Scriptures. 

No other station in France, Switzerland (and perhaps all of Europe) offers a comparable programme of "beautiful music", occupying up to 50% of our airtime.  LifeStyle 74 music is not just selected for its pleasant qualities, so relaxing, calming, sometimes stimulating, generally gentle and reflective.  It's an unusual blend of instrumental and vocal.  Themes are melodious, harmonious, rarely in minor keys, gently rythmic, often rich in 7th, 9th and 13th cords.  The overall effect is a sublime, warm ambiance... a sound that's always discrete yet reassuring, never boring and in good family taste.

The name of the radio station, RADIO 74, came on a whim during our first broadcast over one tiny 15 watt transmitter in early 1982. The number 74 is associated with the Haute-Savoie of France; all postal codes in the department begin with 74.
RADIO 74 has since then grown into a modest network of FM and DAB+ transmitters broadcasting in three countries, and is now heard around the globe via the web. 
The meaning of our name has evolved to also mean "God's perfect 7 to the 4 corners of the earth".  And because God's Law, the Ten Commandments, is eternal and never changes, the truth of the 7th day Sabbath is still found in the 4th commandment of the Decalogue.
Note that our name has nothing to do with the US Independence day on the 4th of July (7/4)!
We also associate 7 with the principle aspects of a healthy lifestyle: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air and Rest, making the acronym NEWSTAR.
4 stands for facets of the total person: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

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